Arbitrary Detention & Marsha Lazareva: The Risks of Conducting Business Abroad

Marsha Lazareva is a prominent Russian-born CEO of a major investment company ‘KGLI’ in Kuwait — in fact the only woman to head a major investment company in the country, and mother to a 5-year old son. She was arbitrarily detained in Kuwait for over 472 days, only to be released in June 2019 after a record-setting £3.3 million was posted on her behalf.

Ms Lazareva is still facing charges for crimes she did not commit, remains under 24-hour surveillance and is being held in Kuwait on a travel ban, despite her case being quashed by the Court of Appeal. Several irregularities have occurred in the arbitrary case of Marsha Lazareva and her co-defendant Saeed Dashti, who still remains in prison in Kuwait.

A high-profile panel discussion was held at the Geneva Press Club on June 25th 2019. In this documented video, moderator John Simpson CBE and panelists Cherie Blair QC, Mads Andenas QC, Francois Zimeray, & Randa Fahmy share their concerns on today’s worrying trend of arbitrary detention and the risks of doing business abroad, citing Marsha Lazareva and Saeed Dashti’s case as a prominent example.