Is ten years hard labour the price for being a successful businesswoman in Kuwait?

Helen Jones
EU Today

Imagine trying to defend yourself and being told by a judge in a court of law to go and vomit in the back of the room when you say you are feeling sick, writes Helen Jones.

Imagine having to place your faith in a judge who makes it clear your gender and nationality count against you because are one of the country’s most successful foreign business women, running a multibillion dollar international enterprise employing thousands of workers.

And imagine being sentenced to 10 years hard labour inside a country’s most notorious prison built for 2000 inmates while holding 6000, sharing a cell with 7 others, your 4-year-old son waiting to get a chance to see his mother.

This is the real life disaster being lived in a case her London lawyer, Neil Micklethwaite from international firm Brown Rudnick, called “one of the most extraordinary miscarriages of justice I have come across in 30 years”.

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