Free In Kuwait: Russian Prisoner Marsha Lazareva Released After 470 Days In Jail

By Andrew Cave
June 12, 2019

Marsha Lazareva, the Russian-born businesswoman who has been locked in a Kuwaiti prison for 470 days, has been released on bail after a campaign featuring some of the world’s most powerful political families.

Neil Bush, son of the late President George Bush, Cherie Blair the lawyer wife of former U.K Prime Minister Tony Blair and Tatyana Yumasheva, the youngest daughter of the late former Russian President Boris Yeltsin have all been working to secure the release of fund manager Lazareva, who was sentenced to ten years imprisonment with hard labour after being found guilty of embezzlement by a Kuwait court last year.

Lazareva has now been freed on bail after the intervention of an unnamed Kuwaiti dignitary, who put forward $3.3m of bail, in addition to the $33m that she had already lodged.

It is understood that Lazareva will still proceed with a hearing in Kuwait scheduled for June 23.

However, she will be freed from the cell where she has spent the past 15 months and will be reunited with her five-year-old son.

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