How did a Russian entrepreneur who got a Wharton MBA and lived on the Main Line end up on trial in Kuwait?

By Joseph N. DiStefano
The Philadelphia Inquirer
August 18, 2019

The list of prominent figures who have lobbied to free sometime Bryn Mawr resident Marsha Lazareva, a Russian national and Wharton graduate who was sent to a Kuwaiti prison last year, commands attention:

Former United Kingdom first lady Cherie Blair and former FBI Director Louis Freeh are among the teams of U.S. and British lobbyists paid by her employers to advocate for her release. Former President George W. Bush’s brother Neil is a paid adviser who has penned articles in Lazareva’s defense and written to Kuwaiti officials on her behalf. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Ministry have questioned her prosecution and called on Kuwait’s ruling emir to order her release.

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