Human Rights Activists Demand Marsha Lazareva’s Release


Human Rights Activists Demand Marsha Lazareva’s Release

By Bill Hoffmann
Sept. 25, 2019

An international team of human rights activists – including American businessman Neil Bush, British barrister Cheri Blair, and former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi turned up the heat on Kuwait on Wednesday for its highly dubious detention of a prominent Wharton Business School grad and investment firm CEO – demanding she be allowed to return to the United States immediately.

“Kuwait’s reputation for human rights has been damaged; its reputation for doing business has been damaged,” Bush said during a briefing with journalists at the Penn Club in New York City. “Unless somebody drops the charges, lifts the travel ban, and allows Marsha to come home where she belongs in Pennsylvania, Kuwait’s reputation is shot.”

Marsha Lazareva, who ran KGL Investment Co., which had government contracts with Kuwait, has been under house arrest in the Persian Gulf state of 4.5 million since June.
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