Kuwait Could Face Magnitsky Act Probe Over Marsha Lazareva Case

By David A. Patten
Aug. 21, 2019

A Wharton Business School graduate and investment CEO who spent over 470 days behind bars in Kuwait despite posting a bond of over $35 million remains on tenterhooks as she awaits a September hearing that could finally determine her fate.

The case of Marsha Lazareva has drawn attention from civil libertarians around the world. Global investors have been following the case of Marsha Lazareva closely as a bellwether for the safety and security of investing in Kuwait, a country U.S. officials helped to rescue from Saddam Hussein’s invasion in the first Gulf War.

Lazareva ran KGL Investment Co., which had business dealings with Kuwait, as well as government contracts. Her defenders say she was falsely accused by a disgruntled employee, and by Kuwaiti business rivals who wanted to take over her government contracts.

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