Kuwaiti authorities must free Marsha Lazareva


Kuwaiti authorities must free Marsha Lazareva

By Henry Windsor
Comment Central

Imprisoned on false charges and denied fair treatment, businesswoman Marsha Lazareva must be released, says Henry Windsor.

For the legal team working to free Marsha Lazareva from Kuwaiti prison, the recusal of the sitting judge was out of the blue. Even more surprising was his decision to withdraw his request to step down.

On Easter Sunday, at the third hearing for the Russian businesswoman accused of embezzlement, the judge disqualified himself without warning, once again putting a potential reprieve for Lazareva at a distance. He later withdraw his request to recuse himself and will continue as the sitting judge. It was only the latest frustration in a human rights case that has animated high-profile officials, groups and private citizens the world over.

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