Labour calls for Kuwait to free unfairly-imprisoned Russian woman

By Joe Lo
Investigative Journalist
Left Foot Forward
Labour’s MEPs have called on the European Union (EU) to use its influence to protect all victims of human rights abuses.

The MEPs say the EU and other powers have influence through trade deals and military cooperation and can use this to insist that human rights are respected.

In a statement, the MEPs said: “One such case that has had scant attention is that of Marsha Lazareva, Kuwait’s top woman CEO, who was jailed earlier this year for corruption following a trial in which the prosecution did not give her defence team full disclosure of incriminating documents and other evidence, documents campaigners claim are probably forged anyway – documents her defence team have been denied the opportunity to examine and submit to a forensic accountant.”

The conditions for non-nationals like Lazareva (who is Russian) are described as “truly shocking” by those with experience of the prison system in Kuwait.

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