Lazareva, a Business Executive’s Inside Story

Lazareva, a Business Executive’s Inside Story

Oct. 8, 2019

Ms Lazareva, a leading business executive, recognized for her role as chief executive and vice-chairman of the private equity group KGL Investment (KGLI), a business she has led ever since 2007.KGLI deal with The Port Fund, which empower in mid-sized, high-potential port management and logistics associated businesses, together with a combined business enterprise that makes the logistics hub Global Gateway Logistics City on a previous United Nation military base in The Philippines.

At a time of continuous media reports of Russian interference in US elections and a frigidity between Moscow and Washington, the unusual case of Marsha Lazareva — the Russian businesswoman jailed in Kuwait on misuse charges — is one of the few happening where the two superpowers have combined to attain a common goal of combat prejudice.

Marsha Lazareva, a United States educated, Russian-born businesswoman and her 5-year-old son, a US citizen, have been kept the prisoner in Kuwait for 470 days on uncertain charges.

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